Goals & Settings - Is missing a couple of Focus types


Looking at setting a goal focus of “Time-Trialist” for getting that 1hr power up. However, I notice only Sprint Time-Trialist is an option in the Focus dropdown. It’s also missing “Power Sprinter”. Am I missing something else that is filtering down that drop down list?

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Yes i noticed the same thing.

We removed them due to the needs of the upcoming release. I think we may able to bring them back so will discuss. In general, we don’t recommend Time-Triallist due to how the Adaptive Training Advisor periodizes training. Although the focus is 60 minutes, any 60 minute effort will have power above threshold so focus in the end will be far less than 60 minutes. Hence, we don’t recommend it. Power Sprinter should be selectable although we don’t really have very many workouts with this focus. We’ve had some track sprinters use it but hard to manage overall strain and training load with all the leg work done in the gym. The options shown are the ones we recommend you should select from a training perspective.

Thanks for the clarification!

I’m just getting into the swing of things with Xert. What is the difference between athlete type and goal focus in determining the workouts recommended?

Essentially I have 4-5 hours a week to train and just looking to maintain/slowly improve. Main goal is essentially increase my TTE near threshold to maximize caloric burn (my main fitness goals are gym goals and aesthetics) So a TT type plan seems to make the most sense for that, ride lots of SS and maybe over/unders.

You’d be better off doing LTP-based workouts than near threshold to increase fat burn. If you use our apps while riding, you can see the fat/carb count in real time.

Check the info for each athlete and blogs/pages for choose your athlete type. The more the focus is on shorter duration efforts, the more the training will include higher intensities since short bursty efforts require upper end power training.

I’ll read into them more. I don’t really care about burning fat vs carbs on the bike, just about the overall caloric burn.

If you look at my power profile, I fit into a power sprinter quite well, but I feel like more fatigue is endured for less burn given it’s more anaerobic work.

I’m kind of confused though. Say I choose an Athlete Type “Road Sprinter”, but then a Goal Focus of “Sprint Time Trialist”. Will the recommended workouts be for Sprint Time Trialist or Road Sprinter?

Sprint Time Triallist. The Goals determine what training you will receive.

We’ve been making a bunch of changes under the covers so there might be a discrepancy here and there until everything gets updated. New features will be well worth it. :smile: