Goal trend tracking

Would be great to be able to track your current athlete type focus metrics.

Currently you can see your starting TP and Athlete Type Focus on the goal screen along with current and projected.

Would be great to see a screen you can see how your Athlete Type Focus has changed over time.

Ie. As a rouler I want to see how my 6 minute power has trended over a time period so that I can determine if my athlete type focus has improved based on training load, form, and tp.

Not sure if available, maybe not sure where to look.


I take a screenshot at intervals to give me that view, however I do agree that it would be a useful function.

On a related note. I have often wondered how the forecast pans out if you follow the plan reasonably well. Is it accurate?

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Not sure I understand but if you mean your actual focus over time (as opposed to selected athlete type), you can see that in progression charts. Just change from XPMC to fitness signature or strain view, and select focus below the chart.

What it doesn’t do is show eg your 6 minute power over time, though you can see that week by week in the planner

More to come on this topic. :wink:


I try to reference previous screenshots as well, a trendline woulod def be helpful think of it something like training peak does to show medals for increasing your x second power.

for the forecast unfortunately I haven’t followed a complete plan from base to peak as most events I do come up mid way through the “recommended timeframe” but then again this is the main reason I love xert as I can follow the plan with my own discipline and try to improve from the starting at least.

i mean seeing something like the fitness signature but specific to your athlete type, rouler focus is 6 minute - i want to see the “threshold power” but it being the 6 minute and seeing the affects of trianing load, xss, etc. on that specific metric not TP.

great to hear!