Goal/Event training

Hello Armando, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how the Goal/Event works with respect to training. Specifically you nominate a date for a ride but no additional information is required (e.g. distance of ride, elevation climbed, estimated riding time). While the nominated rider type might provide some information (I’m a “Century” rider), I have rides coming up which are 130 km, a (relatively flat) 300 km and 200 km (with 4000m of climbing) and which would require some differences in training and yet as far as I can see, you are being trained for a generic “century” ride. Thus I can’t see how the Xert algorithms can provide any accurate recommendations without some additional (distance, climbing, riding time) information supplied. Thanks

Hi Lachlan. If you’re training as a Century Rider, the most important thing you can do for your training is to continue to boost your numbers. This requires volume which will be the most important thing you can do. How do you add volume? Increase your Improvement Rate, which then adds hours to your weekly training. When you add hours, you’re forced to ride more and ride when resources are low, hence building your fitness for the event. If you only have a few hours to train, then your training won’t be optimized but at least the training you do will prepare you as best as possible for the event since most of your training will be endurance. Note that you can’t build training load without lots of endurance volume and this is most essential in preparing for a longer event.

Put another way, XATA will look to boost your training load as a Century Rider based on your available time to train. The only way to build training load as a Century Rider/Endurance rider is through volume and this in effect prepares you for the longer event.

If you’re looking for greate r specificity on how to prepare for climbing events vs. flat events, for example, this would currently be outside the scope of what XATA considers but could be something you could consciously do in preparation (ride more climbs for a climbing event) and build your TL foundation with this to get a bit more specificity for that event.