Getting Zwift activities through Garmin Connect fails

I used to have Zwift connected to Strava, and Strava to Xert. That worked well. Now that I have replaced Strava with Garmin, the Zwift activities do not appear in Xert. Is Garmin simply not sending push notifications for certain third party uploads, or is it something that can be fixed?

I’m not sure that Garmin pushes activities recorded outside of Garmin devices (i.e. Zwift) to other 3rd parties. You might contact Garmin support and see if they can offer any insight from their end?

Hi Eric, you can manually upload your Zwift activities via the “Upload Activity” button and then choose the “Zwift/activities” folder.

I didn’t know Xert had landed on tvOS, and that tvOS has a file system :slight_smile:

Seriously though, of course I can upload manually, but that’s the stone ages. I’ll probably end up writing a web service myself for direct syncing, just noticed that Ride With GPS has the same issue. I turned 50 this year, it’s unrealistic for me to expect a reply from Garmin ‘support’ before I die.

I have Xert connected to both Garmin and Strava… and Zwift connect Strava and Garmin. My rides are always automatically uploaded to Xert no problem. I’m not sure where it is coming from, Strava or Garmin, but they are always on Xert.

Strava works, that’s what I did before.

I noticed that when I do an outdoor workout, I get a message on Xert “duplicate” (i.e. getting the file from both Garmin and Strava). However, the same does not happen when I Zwift… which indicates that Garmin does not forward if it learned from somewhere else. That is my deduction anyways.

PS: I have the free Strava version.