Getting a workout from online to mobile app

Confused as how to get a suggested workout onto my mobile app. the online and mobile suggestions are not the same?

The suggested/recommended workouts are described as an Athlete Type. This corresponds to a Focus duration. For example, it can say “Rouleur” or “GC Specialist”, for example, which means that you’ll want to focus on your 6 minute or 8 minute power, respectively. If you are using Xert Mobile, you can tap the SELECT option under Workouts and slide to the corresponding Athlete Type. There you’ll find workouts (from our Library, that you create or from your coach) that have been calculated to be of that type. If by chance the list is empty, i may mean that of all the workouts available, none have been calculated as that specific Athlete Type. You can choose one from an adjacent type, perhaps for the moment. Let us know if you experience this as expanding our Standard Workout LIbrary is something we are working on.