Gentlemen TT rider type?

Hi I’m new here.
I compete in gentleman events every year. For those who don’t know they are 2-up time trials. In France where I live they are between 12 and 20km in length, let’s say between 15 and 25 minutes in duration. The courses are usually lumpy and technical. With my partner we share the workload quite evenly, about 1 minute above threshold and 1 minute under. The question is, which rider profile should I choose ? The rest of the year I ride 2h road races, these are end of season events.

Do you have power data from this event or course? If so look up what Xert called the ride.

Otherwise I would “guesstimate” someting like puncheur.


I’m afraid I haven’t received my Power Meter yet. I’m one of those who has been waiting for IQSquare to come good. I’ve since ordered a 4iiii crank arm and should receive it this week. So the only power data I have is from my smart trainer.

When I’m setup i’ll set my profile to puncheur. Thanks for your reply @TwoBigWheels :+1:

Hi, for information I chose the Rouleur rider type. We rode our first gentleman race yesterday, which we won :grin::trophy:, and Xert also seems to think that it was a rouleur ride. I’m discovering riding with power so i’m not following the Xert advice much yet but will do once Xert has enough data. Thanks to those who replied :+1: