GCN video about cadence

Interesting video from GCN with Neil Henderson and Sufferfest particularly about cadence. However Xert has been on that page for a long time with their Cadence Datafield.

Want to include a link to the original video?

Good idea @ManofSteele


Nice, thanks for sharing.
I’ve been using the Sufferfest for a couple months now I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the workouts (and starting to see some really good results)
The cadence story is quite interesting and definitely an undeveloped area for training personalization.

Is there not an old rule around that’s something like: low RPM hurts the legs, high RPM increases heart rate? Has been true for me. On the upside, I have experienced that at high RPM it feels easier to push a higher wattage. Time to failure may well be the same, but I have not tested that…

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Horses for courses. High cadence for easy aerobic and vo2 max for example and low cadence to improve muscular endurance at Tempo/Low sweet spot. Also useful for overweight amateurs (like me) grinding up hills.

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Not looking for a general rule, as we are all different, some of us love to spin, some others mash on pedals. But I do think there must be a correlation with our phenotype, and identifying that would be beneficial.
The Android app has a cadence slider at the top, with colors, I always wondered if that is specific to the user…

True, but you would benefit from high cadence/high power - just use those granny gears when climbing. I’ve been passing guys, going slow(er) or even walking, laughing at me in those gears. ‘I could do it with those gears!’ Well, that’s why I’m cycling and you’re walking, nitwit :joy:

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