Garmin Xert MPA/Power in black and white?

My 7 year old Fenix 3 is about to give up the ghost I’m afraid, so I’m looking for something to record power and activities on outdoor rides.That Xert MPA/Power field looks like it would be a lot of fun, knowing how close I am to a breakthrough. I don’t need mapping, so I was looking at the Garmin 130/130Plus, the one in black 'n white. I see that some of the data on the Xert fields are color-coded, so my question is, would I be giving up much using a b&w display?

Ha - I should send you my old Fenix 3 HR which is likely collecting dust somewhere at the moment! (/s)

I haven’t seen the data field on the Edge 130 for myself, so I can’t truly comment on it. That being said, having the data field color-coded is super helpful! I use the Xert EBC app, but the principle is the same… For example, when I’m doing a low-intensity endurance day, I just aim to keep my power in the ‘blue’, indicating I’m riding under LTP. And on the other hand, if I’m pushing for a Breakthrough, it’s nice to see the data field switch from dark orange to Red, indicating that I’ll reach failure in the next 30s at the current power output.

can i have it?lol

Thanks. I can see how that might be useful for those interested in doing Xert-like workouts outdoors. For me though, on my outdoors rides, I just ride, and they end up being pyramidal, which is fine by me. I can get one these Garmins for $99 used. It would add a bit of excitement at times, help facilitate a breakthrough.