Garmin Workout Target Power


I’ve been enjoying Xert for bit over 2y now but used it mostly indoors. Now with the new AI planner features I’m trying to use it outdoors on my Garmin Edge as well. I’m aware of the Connect IQ Xert Player but for the workouts with no smart features I like the normal Garmin workout interface more.

There is an issue with it, though. When I ride one of the predefined Garmin workouts or one I created in Garmin Connect, the target power is set to 3s and it’s relatively easy to match the target. Though, when I execute a workout sent from Xert the target power is set to instant. This makes it impossible to execute any workout to a satisfying degree, the power is way too jumpy to be useful.

The other day I was playing with the workout builder on and it turns out the type of the target power for Garmin can be defined in workouts created there. It can be a lap, instant, 1s, 3s, 10s.

I wonder if it would be possible to add a similar option to Xert to rewrite the workouts sent to Garmin from Xert to a smoother power target? As this can be done per interval, it can be even done in a way so the longer interval has the longer power smoothing period; while sharp intervals can stick with instant power.

One additional benefit, it would also stop Garmin from frowning at me for seemingly poor workout execution. :wink:

Thank you!

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In the meantime you can create your own custom workout data screen on your garmin, and show the fields you want, including 3 sec or 10 sec power, interval average power, cadence, HR etc…

Correct, and I have a screen like it’s recommended in Xert Player page. The main issue is that removed the slide out panel with the workout overview and pause skip back and forward buttons. I find it a big deal hence I’m asking for the feature above. Meanwhile I can send my workouts through

Just to be clear you are suggesting the GarminWatchIcon icon should push workouts to Garmin with a smoothing factor applied based upon the interval type and duration, correct?

Yes, correct.

I understand the Xert Team is busy with big features development so if it’s easier/faster to implement it would also be fine if all intervals longer than, let’s say, 30 sec will get 3s target power applied. I believe this is what Garmin does. Though a progressive option is the best, I think, as while riding outside unless you are on a dedicated loop or a velodrome there are way too many reasons to drop the power: traffic stops, cars, potholes etc. So longer the interval is, harder it gets to comply well.

One other thing intervals is doing is they have a customizable power range for the pushed workouts, where a set power will be replaced with a delta swath of power targets. By default it’s 2.5% but with longer cranks like 175mm 5% is easier to live with. Though this one is less important.

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