Garmin Workout Player Status Pages

The docs indicate that there are 4 status pages in the Garmin Xert Workout Player, but doesn’t mention how to switch between them. On a Garmin 1030, how can I use the Xert Workout Player and see my total XSS?

There are 4 STATUS PAGES, each showing:

  1. Chosen Workout, Workout Duration and Fitness Signature.
  2. Total XSS, XLSS (Low XSS), XHSS (High XSS), XPSS (Peak XSS), Total Work, XEP (Xert Equivalent Power), Distance
  3. ConnectIQ Version, Phone Connection Status, Battery Level, Memory Usage
  4. Sensors Attached, Trainer Control Operation, Powermatch Slope, Powermatch Intercept