Garmin Workout Player 3.2

I noticed the Workout Player updated to 3.2 this week. I’ve seen a couple of differences while using it but is there a changelog describing the update and any new features?

Like this?

(Version 3.2 brings exciting new features that enable greater variety in your workouts including ramps, slope-mode (mixed-mode) and smart, dynamic power intervals based on target MPA that adjust their target power based on your fatigue at the moment. Super cool.)

Thanks, I’ve seen that, was looking for something a bit more descriptive.

We usually do - maybe support can be a bit more descriptive, if not on CIQ, then maybe here by posting about it/new releases on this forum.

Just fixes in 3.2. Support for the new interval types was released in 3.0.

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Is it a lot of work - or not relevant enough an issue - to have a change log page somewhere?