Garmin Sync fail

Xert imports/synchronizes all but the last activity from Garmin Connect.
Can‘t figure out why and cannot find any help or hints.

Hi Ralf,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. If you record another activity now and save it, does it upload the previous activity? Hard to troubleshoot the issue with the information you’ve provided so far.

Hi Scott,
I recorded a new activity in Garmin which was successfully synched.
But the one i am missing is still Not in Xert.
Tried exporting from Garmin and uploading to Xert results in:
Had an error during processing.
Exported another activity (which was already successful synched) and uploaded with the same error message.
Tried to find differences in activities with no success.
Do you have any Hint?
If for any reason I accidentally deleted the synched data, is there a way to find out and recover?

We dont back up your data on our servers anywhere, but you should be able to reupload the .fit file from Garmin Connect or Strava.

If you could, kindly send a note to the support team ( with the .fit file attached so we can look into it. Cheers