Garmin stamina feature

On my ride this week i done a couple of hard efforts to reset my signature. On the last one i was all out and i found it very interesting that the garmin stamina feature and xert both agreed. Stamina on garmin was almost zero.


I guess they are very much alike. One difference is the constant decrease of Stamina during workout where MPA will return to its full capacity.

Do you get the Stamina feature in real time on your Garmin device and also, do you know which devices have that feature?

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It is shown in real time, at least the current numbers. I have it on the Epix (Fenix 7 with OLED) but I think of the bike devices only the Edge 1040 has it. My 830 does not as far as I know. But others may know more.
Here’s a Rainmaker review of the feature on the Epix (in the Sports usage section a bit down):

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I have it on my forerunner 955 in real time. I think it is more realistic that the stamina keeps decreasing over an acitivity whereas mpa will return to fresh levels if you go easy enough.

I had a little PP breakthrough on a ramp riding my E-Bike with Assioma pedals:

And that’s a variation of the ‘Raining Blood’ workout that I like to do (second set is easier than first):

PS: I’m probably not the best example though since I’m really a couch potato that rides occasionally.

The new Edge 540 and 840 have the stamina feature as well. So the now old Edge x30 probably won’t get it.
So Fenix 7 and newer, Forerunner 955 and newer and Edge x40 and newer. Maybe some smaller but new Forerunners? Or other watches (vivo?). It’s probably a software only feature (no special hardware required) and it’s sometimes hard to guess with Garmin where those end up or not and for what reason.

Long ride today, was feeling very tired from this weeks cycling. Garmin stamina graph looks exactly how i felt. Xert mpa thought i was ok.

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Was wondering about this myself. Slow pedaling will show MPA right back to where I started at beginning of ride… I guess in theory I should be able to ride that pace forever?

Yeah the mpa has always confused me a bit, the concept is great but the garmin version where it does not return seems more logical. If I did a long 3 hour ride then did a monster effort depleting all my mpa then soft pedalled for long enough to return it is like xert will think I could accomplish the same power again where in reality it would be impossible.

They measure different things so they will not look the same.

What you are looking for in Xert is a dimension that quantifies your fatigue or stamina…. Or the depth of your conditioning.

According to Garmin’s “Stamina” metric my body is rotting away somewhere in the Dolmites. :wink:

So, no, I don’t trust the Stamina reading for very long events.

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Thanks for sharing… I had suspected this would happen with long events, but good to see it confirmed.

Obviously the real solution for max performance/MPA is somewhere between "I’m still ‘fresh’ " and “my body is rotting away” after 5 hours of riding. Haha!