Garmin route navigation while in XERT workout player


I enjoy the xert workout player when riding outside. A I frequently use routes which I have created in Komoot or Strava, I also need the route navigation capabilities of my Garmin.
Is it possible to use the navigation simultaneously when using the workout player on the road?


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If the Xert workout player behaves like an extra screen, then yes. If it’s taking focus as a single screen, then you’re out of luck…

I have the same problem.

Is it possible to export te Xert workout so I can import it as a (non SMART) workout into my Garmin. I know I will lose the the SMART part of the workout but I would like to use this for long endurance workouts.

It is a bummer you can not acces your normal screens when in a workout.

How do other users do this?

Provided the workout doesn’t have too many steps (50+), you can export the .tcx file from the workout designer and load the file into your Garmin via a computer (drag the .tcx into Garmin Edge XXX/Garmin/NewFiles. When you restart your Edge device, the workout should be in your ‘Workouts’ on the device.

Hope this helps!