Garmin Rides (apparently?) not Syncing

After three days of very hard rides, Xert was recommending an even harder ride and I just didn’t feel up to it. It already felt like it was trying to kill me, now I was sure of it.

It turns out that it was no longer syncing with Garmin Connect. It claimed that it was still working, but none of the last few rides were there. So it wasn’t trying to kill me, it just thought I’d taken days off and was trying to get me back on the plan.

I de-authorized Garmin Connect syncing, and then re-authorized it. All the rides showed up again, but (annoyingly) it seemed to go back through my entire history again and report that 99.9% of my rides were duplicates. (What’s the point of reporting all that to the user? And then reloading the UI constantly so the web app is unusable until it’s done?)

Anyway, the problem persists. The very next ride after I re-authorized Garmin Connect failed to sync. I imported the ride from Strava so Xert doesn’t start trying to kill me again, but can someone at Xert help me with this problem?

One more (very strange) symptom: after my last ride, Xert di d report syncing a new ride from Garmin, but it said it was from a week earlier at 6am. I never ride at 6am! However, comparing the Garmin and Strava rides in Xert, it looks like they might be the same ride. The Strava version is ride “gozxycbmeyhtlfsb” and the Garmin one is “i6nb1afuitjeekds”.

Looking back at my history in the Fitness planner, I see a few days with multiple rides, some of them at weird times. Now I think the title of this post is wrong, it should have been “Garmin rides syncing with the wrong dates and times.”

Check your timezone settings under Account Settings.

Armondo, the timezone is set correctly (NYC timezone), and I don’t think there’s a timezone that could cause my ride sync to be off by a week!

Hi Seth. Sorry I missed that. We’ve been getting some strange reporting from users missing some recordings coming in from Garmin. Some are reverting to just using Strava but it would be good to get to the bottom of it. Is your Garmin’s date set correctly?

Send your FITs into support so we can look at them.

I don’t see a way to set the date on the device. Doesn’t it get it from the GPS? It’s a Garmin Edge 1000.

Having said all this, I now see this is not your problem. The Garmin has the dates wrong on all the recent rides, too, and they exactly match what Xert is showing.

I have no idea what to do about this. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there some way to fix the timestamps in a .fit file?

Or, in Xert’s case, is there some way to move a ride from a wrong date to the correct one?

Try using We don’t have a way to change the date unfortunately.

For future reference: I had GPS enabled but the Garmin can’t see satellites from where I use my trainer… and apparently it gets the date/time from the GPS signal? I don’t know if this makes sense (and I’m too lazy to look into it further), but disabling GPS fixed the problem: the next ride had the right date.

Thanks for the link to, I had no idea that existed.