Garmin Power Zone Distribution inaccurate After XERT Ride

I have a garmin edge 830 running software v4.10 using edge player v2.08. When running the XERT apps, garmin functionality appears to default to factory settings. Specifically, autolap is disabled in all activity profiles yet my head unit autolaps every 5 miles while using XERT. Another example is garmin power ranges in the garmin activity summary. My FTP is in the 300’s but after an XERT activity Garmin connect quantifies time in zone by what appears to be much lower FTP (follow links for examples). What is the reason for this?

Garmin power stratification, no XERT:
garmin stratification,XERT workout:

Not sure how the FTP values are set in Garmin Connect. You may want to reach out to Garmin support for help there. It should be independent of the power data originator.