Garmin IQ XERT Workout Player - MPA slider

Hi, I’ve read the article “Using the Xert workout player for Garmin” but don’t see any reference as to what the MPA slider is doing during a ride, specifically on hard efforts. I understand that the upper value is peak power and the lower value is MPA (current). However, both values change during hard efforts albeit at different rates. I also understand that MPA falls during these hard efforts but what I don’t understand is what the two values on the slider uniquely indicate. When doing a breakthrough effort, I have driven down the MPA (current) to TP, but see that the Peak Power value also falls significantly. Once the effort is over and I’m recovering, both values slowly increase to their starting point. From a practical sense, what are the two values indicating vis-a-vis each other during these efforts?

Upper value is current MPA and the lower value is the Target (final) MPA for the interval. When the timer is purple, the player will attempt to get your MPA to the target value by the end of the interval.

Thanks Armando, that makes sense. You might want to check the graphic in that article, as the labeling seems a little different than how you just stated it, hence my confusion.

Just a minor issue: Beside beeing very useful, currently the MPA slider shows the maximum on the right hand side coloured in red and going into green if maxed out. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have to colouring the other way round, i.e. at low intensity with maximum MPA in green and the further you go down the more you come into the red zone?

The slider is great when doing intervals above TP. At the end of each interval you want to have your actual MPA close to the planned MPA. It takes into account any surges such as when you are getting up to speed. Towards the end of an interval if you are ahead of schedule you may ease off a little earlier and if you are behind schedule you may keep pushing for a few more seconds.

It’s brilliant when doing intervals (such as Rønnestad) with a view to having a breakthrough. At the end of each interval just make sure that you are a bit ahead of schedule and if you can make it through the set you will have successfully earned yourself a breakthrough.

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