Garmin IQ Start button

I use my Garmin 1030 with Xert Garmin IQ app for doing my Xert workouts outdoors. I can pause the workout by pressing the start button on my 1030. But pressing the start button again does not resume the workout. The only way to resume the workout is to press the resume icon on the screen.

This is difficult to do during winter months. Wearing a tick glove I often hit the “save” icon which is right beneath the resume icon. Which is very frustrating , since after hitting the save button there is no undoing it. My only option is to take my glove off, and carefully press the resume icon, hoping to avoid hitting the save icon.

Is there a way to allow the start/stop button on the Garmin head unit to pause/resume the workout?

It would also be nice to have the following features on the Xert Garmin IQ app

  1. Allow the auto pause feature in the Garmin headunit to pause/resume the workout.
  2. Have the graphic representation of the intervals to scroll from right to left as intervals are progressing. In the current system on ecan only know the next interval if they are within 10 second of the start of the next interval.