Garmin IQ speed and distance

I saw some old topics on this but nothing recent. I am using a 1040 Solar and I use XERT for my indoor training. Before switching to Garmin, I was using a K2. My setup is Wahoo KICKR, HRM and iPad for XERT remote player for training. I use Zwift for eye candy but turn off control trainer. I use XERT Garmin IQ to control my trainer but I am not registering any speed or distance.

Also, the upload to Strava looks like spaghetti. When I use the K2 with XERT, I get a nice upload to Strava with a picture of the workout, speed and distance.

Is this a limitation of the XERT app with Garmin? I am thinking that for indoor workouts I will need to continue to use the K2 but the battery drains so fast and if I forget to charge I have to stop and get power.