Garmin IQ Hardware Requirements/Recommendations

I really like my Wahoo head units so I’m not ready to ditch Wahoo altogether, but I’m considering getting a cheaper or even used Garmin to try out Xert live MPA features outdoors.

I’ve found this list of what I guess are devices that will support Connect IQ to some level, but I’m curious if anybody has further feedback on the minimum device they think would make the experience worthwhile as I’m sure the functionality is slightly different from device to device.

Any input as to what device I might be able to get to get a taste of Xert outdoors without shelling out to level I would on a new daily driver will be greatly appreciated.

initially on edge 520 in year 2019, but battery life only at 4 - 5hrs, and connect iq app only at maximum 4 if am not wrong. Then when edge 530 came out with much longer battery life, got it which am still using right now, connect iq app can have a total of 10 which i have put in 8 xert datafields on different pages.

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To test the waters the simplest solution would be a quarter-turn adapter for your phone case and a quarter-turn mount on your stem. Then run EBC on your phone and test various options by watching the rainbow gauge plus fields like MPA, Focus, Difficulty and XSS. If Android, you also have TTE/TTR and additional head unit fields you can re-arrange.
If you like what you see you can then decide on preferred device whether a Garmin unit with Connect IQ fields, a Karoo running Android EBC, or a small format Android phone (no SIM required).


Oooooh, I didn’t realize Karoo was an option. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks.

Is there a reason why the newer garmin watch devices are not supported - e.g. Fenix 6/7 series or equivalent forerunner? They have the capacity?

It lists Forerunner 955/965 and Fenix 7 Pro, I think those are the latest versions of those devices.

No - it only works on the edge computers.

The Xert Player app is limited to Edge head units.
Connect IQ data fields run on Edge head units and Garmin watches.
For example, select Compatible Devices tab here: MPA and Power - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ