Garmin IQ fields need phone connected all the time

This is a bummer since I have the iphone connection with my Garmin 1030 turned OFF all the time to save battery. I usually do long rides (8hrs+) and battery life is critical for me, thus having this off. When I start a ride I must turn it ON every time for the first connection with XERT fields, and then I can turn it off, it works fine, However due to auto-pause of Garmin (that I use to conserve battery) when I stop (a red light for example) pauses the ride in the Garmin and from that point onward the IQ fields stop working until again I connect the Garmin with the iPhone.
Would not be possible for the XERT fields to store locally in the unit the data that you require to read from your servers everytime? I know this may be needed to check subscription status and type but why not check that data, store it and have it set to expire after a couple days? In this case, everything would work fine without the phone connected until this locally stored data expired, and at that point, required a new re-connection to refresh said data.
Saving my precious Garmin battery

You only need the phone initially, if desired, to update your signature. Once updated, the phone is not longer needed. In fact, if your signature doesn’t change, there is no need to update the signature at all by using your phone.

But if I do not have the phone connected, there is no data shown. Instead there is this message that there is no internet connection

All the Xert datafields will work using the previous retrieved signature values. No connection means that they haven’t been updated.

ok thank you