Garmin IQ apps

Just recently I have updated all IQ apps, now in settings of the app instead of code I need to log in using Xert credentials. (username\password) I entered those in my phone once, but thing happened. Each time I swipe on the page with xert data fields on my Garmin 1000 I get message on each field: Can’t connect. And my MPA is at default 1200 use to be 1350.
I never ride with the phone do I need my phone always connected with Garmin for those apps to work properly? In the past once I entered the code, I didn’t need the phone.

Yes. You’ll need your phone to update the datafield’s stored signature. You can do this every time you start an activity or just when you want the signature updated. You’ll need your phone. As before, you don’t necessarily have to have it perfectly up-to-date to get meaningful information from the datafields.

I did some tests last night, this is way more convenient now without the code, great update!!!. Is there a way to disable “connecting” message on each IQ data field when phone is not connected? I normally ride on my screen #1 with power\HR\Cadence\speed but sometimes I want to take a quick glance at xert stats\data so I move to screen #2 and have to wait few seconds until that message disappear to be able to view data, it happens each time I switch the screens, quite annoying.

This has been requested a few times. Will need another app update to address it.

awesome, not a rush. You could have it show up first time so users will know they run old data, but all subsequent views just straight to old data view. This is still much better than old manual code update. Great apps.