Garmin IQ App has no way to quit, can't even power off Garmin

I have a new Garmin IQ App installed and successfully logged in. I wanted to change the workout that it has for today. So I closed the IQ App, went to the browser xertonline site, changed my fitness planner to have the desired workout for today, resync’ed my Garmin with Garmin Connect (thinking that would update the workout file inside of the IQ App).

When I went back to the Garmin IQ App, it was still set to the old workout. So, it asked me if I wanted to do it now or later, so I said “Later” which was probably the wrong thing to do. It popped up a workout screen. There are only 3 things I can do from this screen, and on any screen thereafter, and none of those options close the app. I can get to a Trainer menu, I have a “Options” menu, and I can go back to the workout screen. That’s it. None of the menu items are “Close app” or “Quit”, etc.

The worst part of all this is, I can not power down my Garmin, because Garmin informs me that “There is a Connect IQ App open. Please close the app”. So, I am completely stuck.

The worst worst part of all of this is my precious time for training tonight is now draining away…

I would attach a video, but I can’t seem to do that. I can email one if you think it would help.

Hit the start stop button on your garmin. It will ask to save or diacard. To update workout go to website change workout make sure to click select workout it will say this is now the selected workout. When you open the app again it will connect to your phone and update.


Thanks for the quick reply! That worked.

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