Garmin IQ and No Power Data on Strava

Hi, Just started using the apps and really interested in giving it a go. When I use the Connect IQ App with a Garmin 520 it all seems to work except no power data is uploaded to Strava when my Garmin Connect Sync (with Strava). Also if I manually extract the file from Garmin connect and upload into Strava no power data is included. Is this something I am doing wrong or just not currently possible? Thanks Paul

The link Doesn’t work experience the same issue

Here is the valid link: No power or speed data on Strava after a completing a workout using the Xert Player for Garmin – Xert (

Since Xert has the power data you can sync from Xert to Strava under the Sync options in XO.

And that link (think from 2018 or earlier) has been superseded by an app update, so if you configure correctly it should write power data to the fit file now:

How / where your connect the trainer depends on whether you have a separate power meter