Garmin heart rate monitor

Hi folks, apologies if this has already been covered (I couldn’t see it searching old posts) but is it possible to link a Garmin HRM with the Xert mobile app? When I use it I don’t see it as an option in sensors-settings. Any tip/advice very welcome. Many thanks and all the best, P

Which model HRM?
Which model iOS or Android phone?

IOS - thanks

It’s the HRM with the Garmin 920XT

Garmin HRM-Pro and HRM-Dual support ANT+ and BLE.
All other HRM models are ANT+ only.
iPhones only support BLE unless you add an ANT+ dongle.
If your HRM is ANT+ only it won’t list under Sensors on your iPhone.
If your HRM supports BLE make sure it hasn’t connected to any other device using BLE. For example, change the Forerunner HRM connection to ANT+ if currently connected to HRM by BLE.
Bluetooth supports one-to-one device connections.
ANT+ supports one-to-many device connections.
Hope that helps.

Hugely helpful - thank you. In my case, my Garmin HRM is Ant+ only so not compatible with IOS.

If you still have many of ANT+ sensors, then a CABLE device can be helpful - it converts ANT+ signals into BLE signals that can be paired to many apps/services - Xert, Zwift, etc. Alternatively, most newer HRM’s come with built in BLE support.


Great thanks!