Garmin focus data field

Had to pick up a new Garmin 830 after I killed my 530. Unfortunately I’m having the same issue with the Xert data fields. They all work except for Focus, why? This is the last thing I need to get figured out. Picture of both computers, before 530 died:

You tried going into Garmin iq and putting password into focus data fields.

Try reinstalling using Garmin Connect Mobile to enter username/password.
Focus and Difficulty - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ

Yes. It gives a different alert when it’s a password issue. When I got the new computer I forgot to do that for all data fields. I then entered username/password for all of them and now they all work except focus.

That is how I installed it the first time. Any other ideas?

Apart from reinstalling xert on Garmin again I would say get in contact with the Tec guys.
You can email them.

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try replace with any other datafield. after that, select back the focus data field.