Garmin Fenix 7X (wearables)

Hello my friends,

I finally managed to have Xert data files (MPA/Power + TTR/TTE) installed in my Fenix 7x. The only way that I have to see the Green dots (confirmation of connection) if to have the watch in Bluetooth mode and connect to my Iphone with GarminConnect open. Is that normal?

  1. Do Xert data fields only work with an active live btw the watch and Garmin Connect AND the activity started on the watch - I mean that I start recording the session? (I always receive a “check connection” otherwise)
  2. I noticed that at least 5 min are required before the green connection dot appears on the Fenix 7x data fields AND that activity recording is started. Is this normal?
  3. WHY Xert IOS app does not include MPA/Power ant TTR/TTE data fields…This would solve the problem of the need to buy a Garmin Edge 1040 to have Xert function correctly …

I think I got most of my answers from here:

How to add, update and troubleshoot Xert apps/datafields on Garmin – Xert (

Point 8 and trouble shooting §.

When you select Ride on iOS app, the second page view includes MPA and power with the rainbow gauge. Not sure why TTR/TTE field wasn’t included. My guess is most iPhone users won’t consider mounting their phone as their head unit. Those of us relying on EBC for that purpose typically have an inexpensive Android phone with quarter-turn mount adapter. The downside to phone-as-head-unit includes limited battery life for long rides and not really useable in the rain.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

I use the Xert iPhone app for indoor cycle training and e-racing. TTR/TTE would be great. Atm I’m obliged to use my Garmin 7x with the Xert data fields. But on the phone it would be 10x easier to use.