Garmin Fenix 6x data fields

Hi, where are the data fields compatible with the Garmin Fenix 6?


Support for newer Garmin devices will likely be included in the next release of the datafields and apps. No commitment yet on timeframe however.

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Come on! The new garmin has a huge screen for your data fields. I miss my data fields.

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No news about this? I can’t use Xert running in my Garmin Fenix 6 neither in my bike.

It is a data field, please update to the new watch.

Considering paying for a subscription.

Please add support for Fenix 6x and I’ll sign up for life :heart:.

Same as above. Got a Fenix 6X for XMAS. Data fields not supported. Other than a quick test pass, should just work (aka just edit the list for supported devices), right? :wink:

Also would like to see data fields on Fenix 6 series…very capable device and up to 6 fields per page. Easy to have the most important power numbers + Xert fields on one page

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Hey everyone. We’ll be adding Fenix 6 with the next update to all our apps.


What’s the tentative timeline?

Any timeline? Just bought fenix 6s and was shocked to see no “Xert” datafield showing.

Check connectIQ again…I have the data fields now on my 6 Sapphire. :wink: