GARMIN EDGE USERS - Do not update your firmware!

There is an outstanding issue with using the Xert Player after the update. We are working with Garmin to resolve.

For those of you that already did the update and now are stuck, Here’s how to downgrade back to the old firmware version:

  1. Get the old firmware. You can find older versions at
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the version you want, rename it to GUPDATE.GCD and copy that file into the GARMIN folder on your Edge unit.
  3. Unplug the Edge unit and power it up. It will install the old version. WARNING - it will erase your old settings so be sure to copy anything of your Edge before doing this.

Good luck!


Thanks Kevin. A fix has been posted to the Garmin app store. It may require that you uninstall/reinstall the player. Sorry for the trouble. Let us know if you are continuing to encounter any issues.

Awesome Armando - Super Fast, Excellent Customer Service - as always!!!

It’s great that private citizens are helping clean up this mess but I really don’t appreciate having my 820 SABOTAGED by a software issue. What baffles me is why wouldn’t there be a WARNING posted about this BEFORE people try the App. I went to the garmin IQ store and guess what, there is NO link for this issue. Just a sentence “Fix for frozen start/pause button.” No Link. Haha. I guess the joke is on me since there is no viable LINK to a solution posted. I can’t even get my computer to recognize the 820 via USB. I get you are throwing apps out to entice people onto your platform but please help me get my 820 back in order.

Paul, Sorry you are having trouble with your Garmin. A quick word in defense of the xertonline folks. This original problem was a result of Garmin updating their firmware, not xert updating their app. The quickest way to fix your Garmin is to ensure you have the latest firmware from Garmin (since the xert software works perfectly with the latest firmware now) and then install the latest version of the xert software. As Armando said above, it may require uninstalling and reinstalling the xert software (this is done via your Garmin Connect software). I hope that helps!

If you can’t get your computer to recognize the Garmin, check your usb cable if you have another one. I know my Garmin is VERY finicky with what cables it will sync with. If your Garmin is unresponsive to button presses, etc., you should reboot it by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

As an aside, unfortunately, Garmin has a history of releasing firmware that, while adding features, can also add instability and incompatibility. This is even more likely now that they’ve opened their platform to third-party development. As a software developer myself, I can attest to how frustrating it can be when the platform you rely upon releases an “update” that breaks your software and makes your users mad at YOU when you actually did nothing to cause it.

Good luck and best regards,
Kevin Gregory

Super! Thanks for the speedy reply and kudos for reaching out on a Saturday!