Garmin Edge 520 Plus Xert Player Records "Trainer Power" Not Native Power

Hi, Just did my first workout on the ConnectIQ Xert App that I installed on my Edge 520 Plus. It went perfectly fine, but in the resulting .fit file in Garmin, it never recorded the power being reported by the Smart Trainer (Kickr Snap) in the native power field. Instead it recorded a few special “Connect IQ” fields, like “Target Power”, and also “Trainer Power”, “Trainer Speed” and “Trainer Distance”. For speed and distance I guess this is debatable as those are only virtual numbers, but the power is real, at least as measured by the trainer. I’d like to know why this is only reported in a custom ConnectIQ field “Trainer Power” and not in the native field? It’s a minor nitpick but when this activity is recorded in Strava all it shows is time and heart rate, with no reported speed, distance, and more importantly no power as I guess Strava can only use power reported in the native power field. Thanks.

A limitation of ConnectIQ at this time. If you configure the trainer as a native Garmin sensor and all the power data will get stored as regular power data in the FIT file. Use the app configured trainer if you wish to use Powermatch using your power meter.

I don’t have a separate power meter (yet). So if I use the trainer as a native Garmin sensor, will xert use erg mode to control the resistance? What about later if I get a separate power meter? Thanks.

Yes. The player will run your workouts the same as they run now. When you wish to use powermatch with a power meter, you’ll need to remove the trainer from the Garmin sensors and configure it in the app (the Garmin doesn’t support 2 power sources natively for powermatch to run).

Thanks, that clarifies things.

Can I ask with the ConnectIQ Xert App what does SMART refer to? Also why are there 2 power readings towards the end of an interval with an arrow pointing between them (220```

215 for example)?
I can’t easily find an online source of info on how to use or configure the app unfortunately.

‘SMART’ means it’s a dynamic workout with intervals that adjust based on how you’re executing them. Here is a post about them: As for the numbers and arrow, that’s indicating the power target for the next interval. To configure the app: