Garmin Edge 1030 - Xert Workout Player Wattage is Way Off

Hey all,

Same workout recorded on Zwift vs. Xert. Xert is controlling power.

Power match is dead on with the Kickr20 but for some reason the Garmin unit is reading too high.

Zwift has the correct reading and the Garmin unit controls the power targets to that power reading dead on. The issue is, the XERT player is seeing from 2w to 80w higher. Which obviously throws off the length of the SMART intervals.

Any way to fix? Screenshots and workout links attached:

I can’t post the second workout link but it’s public under my account.

Added the Garmin workout :

As long as the Connect IQ app is controlling the trainer the workout should reflect correct length Smart intervals independent of what the Remote Player/Monitor displays.
If you experience any Internet latency during the workout there will be a lag between the app display and the Remote/Monitor.
In your case the Connect IQ app connects to Xert Online through Garmin Connect paired to your phone. There have been intermittent problems reported with this setup (Garmin issue). Make sure the 1030 firmware version is current. You may need to reinstall the Connect IQ app. Also make sure GPS is disabled on the 1030 during the indoor workout.
If problem persists I suggest using Xert Mobile on your phone for your indoor workouts.

I assume you are using Option C with Powermatch enabled from this article –

How far apart is your power meter from the KICKR? What happens if you don’t use Powermatch?

I don’t have a separate power meter so I’m not using Power Matching. When I turned on power matching, the power on the 1030 would lower and display that I’m riding at the target power but then Zwift would show that the power Zwift was seeing was the same amount of watts lower than before. (i.e. the entire power profile would shift down and the workout would become easier.)

To clarify things, in Zwift, I have the trainer connected as a power meter only (not as a smart trainer).

On the 1030, I’ll have it connected as a smart trainer to the Connect IQ app (as per Xert Option A).

(To add to that, I didn’t save my Garmin workout but I was using the Garmin to pace myself during the Toronto Hustle ITT race. Setup the garmin to run with GPS off and using only the XERT MPA fields. The power on the Garmin was also showing higher than Zwift, so much so that I had passed my MPA about halfway into the ITT. However, when I uploaded the Zwift file to XERT, it only showed me passing my MPA at the end of the race.)

I’ll try reloading all XERT Connect IQ apps, updating the Garmin, and reconnecting all sensors.