Garmin Edge 1030 complete freeze while riding an Xert workout on the road

I was trying to execute an Xert workout on the road yesterday and my Xert CIQ app caused my Garmin to freeze twice. I had to perform a soft reset (restart) to get the Garmin to respond. I am using Garmin Edge 1030 on the latest fw level v3.90 and all my Xert apps and widgets are up to date. I am able to use the Xert player CIQ app just fine while on the trainer, but this was the first time I attempted to take my workout on the open road and it didn’t turn out too well. Any thoughts?

First we’ve heard of this. There is an issue Garmin is looking into where GPS isn’t being recorded even though GPS is ON. It could also be due to some notification that tries to interrupt the app and doesn’t survive. If you can identify what it might be, we can relay the message to Garmin.

Thanks. I sent you the error log file via e-mail in case it can be of assistance. I will try it again in the next few days and let you know if it happens again.