Garmin Edge 1000 starts a new workout while Xert Player is running

I used Xert Player outdoor for the first time today and while running Xert player Garmin Edge 100 suddenly switched to it’s own app (as pressing play) when it found “movement” and starts a new workouy. When I stop this newly started workout (after a few metres) and discarding it it says there is a broken workout laying around and asks if it should be deleted. Luckily, pressing “No” saves the data recorded in Xert app but the Xert Player needs to be restarted again which is very annoying.

I’ve tried disabling auto-features and deleting profiles but my latest theory is that this triggers when it detects a Strava segment (it does only start a new workout and doesn’t show the Strava info with start and leader etc).

Is this a known problem? I’ll try to figure out how to disable the live Strava segments (haven’t fount it yet) and bike the same route again to see if that works, it may take a few days though.

We’ve heard of some users seeing their workout interrupted by not this. We’ll let Garmin know but if you could also report to Garmin that would be great.

Ok. Garmin is looking into it. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks. I haven’t tried the app without Strava segments yet but I can confirm that my Edge 1000 had approaching strava segments stored at each point it started a new workout and there were not any segments (on the Edge 1000) where it wasn’t interrupted so it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that the Strava segments caused this.

After deleting all Strava segments on my Edge 1000 I have now ridden through all the “hot spots” causing problems last time without any issue.