Garmin Datafield Multi-Profile Support

For those with both a cycling and running profile and are using our Garmin Connect IQ datafields, you can specify which profile to use by appending |run or |cycling to your username.

For example if your username is mpapowerdude, you can change your Xert Username setting under Settings for the datafield in Garmin Connect IQ to be mpapowerdude|run and when the Garmin device makes the request to update the datafield, it will get the running profile signature returned to the datafield instead of the cycling signature.

We’ll be updating our documentation to reflect this change shortly.


Is there actually a workaround for the limit of 2 connect iq datafields on a Fenix 6 watch?


There sure isn’t. Even the F7 and Epix2 have that limitation.

no workaround, other than to get a single datafile that just so happens to provide multiple custom metrics. I doubt any of the xert metrics are available that way

Garmin Edge devices can take more CIQ data fields (6, from memory?)

Yes thats what I was hoping for actually.
Indeed on my edge 530 there is not issue but its not optimal for running :joy: