Garmin ConnectIQ - XERT Player SMART Workout & Kickr

There seemed to be an issue with the XERT player taking over the trainer and putting it in ERG mode when I haven’t connected it, and click on the “off” option in the XERT player option menu.

Setup -

  • PowerTap P1 Pedals: Paired to Garmin 820 for - Power & Cadence
  • Wahoo Kickr -
    - paired to Garmin 820 as a Speed sensor (this is because pairing as a FCE trainer has drop out signal issues and Wahoo is blaming Garmin for this),
    - paired to iPhone 6 Wahoo Fitness App as trainer and can be controlled via their app
  • Wahoo Tickr - paired to Garmin 820 and iOS Wahoo Fitness App as HRM
  • Running XERT Player on 820

Because of the communication drop out issues between the Garmin 820 and Kickr when the kickr is paired as a trainer (I’ve emailed back and forth with Wahoo about this), I use the iOS Wahoo fitness App to control the kickr. It also gives me more options, and the UI is cleaner. i.e) I can go to the Sim mode and simulate slope and wind or go to erg modeConnect iPhone Wahoo Fitness App - Sensors paired - Wahoo Tickr, and Wahoo Kickr as Trainer. The other day, I just wanted to test if XERT can control the kickr, and it did, however, I decided I would just set the values on the iOS device as the interval requires or just try and target the values out of erg mode.

Issue: Today after starting the XERT workout on the Garmin, several minutes into the session, it seemed to take over without me initiating a connection to the kickr, and even after clicking “Off” it seemed to disconnect, then reconnect, resulting in increased resistance. After stopping and discarding the workout, and restarting, this seemed to go away. I also, stopped the Wahoo Fitness App and restarted the workout to control the trainer. Is there an instance where the XERT player auto connects to the trainer when starting the workout, or subsequently auto connecting?

We’ll be have a look to see if the reconnect turns control back on.

Check your wifi channel and frequency (5ghz is better) to address dropouts. Note that you can manually control the trainer directly from the app.