Garmin connect to Xert issues? (Reconnecting)

Hello nice people,

I’ve an issue with the automatic sync between Xert and Garmin. By issue I mean that although I correctly linked Garmin ConnectIQ with Xert (confirmed on Xert site and on the Garmin app) the sync seems to happen only once. After I try to sync for the second time I get a message that Garmin refused to share the data with Xert and that I need to disconnect the apps and re-Connect them again. Which I do. However, the issue repeats again; after reconnecting only the first sync works, the second time I request a sync I get the same message.

This issue only happens with Garmin. With Strava all works perfectly (however Strava for me is the trash bin for my activities - duplicates ride btw ZWIFT, Rouvy and Garmin Fenix wearable recodings).

So the questions:

  1. Shouldn’t the sync happen in the background and automatically without the need to sync activities all the time ?
  2. Do you people have a similar issue?


Clarification (just discovered it) - if you do not force the sync, the system syncs correctly. So As long as I do not push the sync button (forced sync), my activities are automatically being synced with Garmin Connect IQ.

Yes - Garmin will automatically sync any new activity from a Garmin device directly to Xert.

However, Garmin only allows each activity to be synced once to Xert (this is a limitation on their end). Strava allows us to request activities as many times as you’d like (as well as allowing us to sync activities to their platform).

That makes sense with what I just discovered above.