Garmin Connect Sync Issues

Has anyone else had trouble getting Xert to sync with Garmin Connect lately? It used to work, pretty much as soon as the activities showed up on Garmin Connect. Doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Let us know if you are still experiencing any issues. We have heard of some reporrts but have not been able to replicate the issue.

Happened to me today. However it didn’t sync with Training Peaks either so it looks as if it may be a Garmin issue

Me too, didn’t sync since 19/10

Try creating a ride on your Garmin and let it sync. Let us know if it is successful for you.

I’ve just done a workout on TrainerRoad. It’s gone automatically to Garmin but thats as far as it’s gone. I’ve got garmin sync’d with Training Peaks, Strava, and Xert. It’s appeared on none of them. Does Garmin push the rides to the other applications or are they pulled from Garmin. I’m assuming it’s a garmin fault.

New workouts sync ok