Garmin Connect Sync Erro

Just setup new account. Did a workout using Edge 820 IQ app. My GC account autosyncs to strava, which then synced to XERT. However I wanted to try syncing the GC original fit file directly to XERT. When I click the Garmin Connect Sync “Connect” button, I get the following error “We could not locate the application wishing to access your data. Please try again.”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The sync the original FIT file, use the Upload Activity feature and navigate to your Garmin’s Activities folder on your device. You can then select and upload the file directly from your device.

Thanks Armando, but does that me I shouldn’t expect the Garmin Connect Sync option to work? Or is this a “premium” feature only?

Garmin Connect will work without limitation during the trial and if you have a premium subscription. If your trial expired, you’ll only be able to sync 1 activity per week.