Garmin Connect Not Working

I have connected my Xert account to Garmin Connect and Strava. I can download activities from Strava. But my Garmin Connect Activities which are suppose to download automatically don’t download. For example I had a new activity today, which was posted to both Garmin connect and Strava. I logged into my Xert account and didn’t see it. So I manually pressed the referesh button next to the Strava Icon and it downloaded the activity. I see in my garmin connect account under profile/apps, that Xert is listed and has the permission to sync. Any idea what I should do to fix this problem.

Strange. Which bike computer are you using?

Garmin 1000 and computeiner. Is there a way to delete all activities on my cert account and start over. I like to connect garmin first without strata and see If that makes a difference.