Garmin Connect ftp setting

Whenever I used the Xert app on my Garmin 520 for indoor rides - it records my ftp at 200 for the workout. I have checked my Garmin ftp setting (265). It records the activity fine when I ride outside. Is there a setting I am missing?

This is an issue that Garmin is aware of. They are looking into it.


This happens to me as well. Does it happen while using the Xert connect IQ app outdoors? I submitted a support request to Garmin but as I can only reproduce this condition while using the Xert app the response I received from Garmin was that it wasn’t their issue and they closed my request. Hopefully someone can sort this out as it’s rather tedious to have to manually update after every Xert session.

If you login to Garmin Connect website and update it there, it will “stick”.

This happens Also to me.
Connect auto sets the ftp to 200 and all the parameters connected to this value are meaningless. Please let us know how to solve or if someone (xert or garmin) is looking into it.
Thank you

Use the Android or IOS app instead. The Garmin ecosystem is broken (but their new powermeter pedals are awesome).