Garmin connect disconnects

Understand this is likely a Garmin problem but somebody else must have experianced it. Am using Garmin 520, Garmin Connect on IPhone and Remote Workout Player on a laptop. The Remote Workout Player stalls ocasionally for a second or so but sometimes just stops. At his point all connections and Internet still look good. Anybody have any ideas where the problem might be? My instinct tells me that it is between the Garmin 520 and phone but I can’t see a problem there. Thanks.

This isn’t something we’ve been able to identify the cause or a consistent solution. Wifi signals might create interference. Keeping the phone close to the Garmin may help.

So are you saying that this is a known issue? Phone and Garmin are side by side, but phone is also connected BT to the trainer (to view pedal dynamics on an app). I’ll try disconnecting that…

I get it all the time using Garmin Edge 820, phone about 6 inch from the garmin. Doesn’t matter if my phone is connected to WiFi or just 4G, still get the remote player stalling viewing it via PC. Wondered if it was network latency issues across the internet, the garmin or phone never drop connection.

Hi Kevin. Have you tried using the Android/iOS Xert workout players? Do you see any difference?

Just to confirm, do you mean using the Xert app on my phone synced to my sensors/trainer rather than the Garmin? If so I’ll try that and let you know.

Yes. And then try the Remote Player to check on its responsiveness.

Used the Android app last night while viewing the remote player on my computer and didn’t get any pauses in updates that i noticed. Will use the android up for now and see how it goes, though took a fair bit of trial and error getting the trainer and sensors to connect, hopefully now that it’s done it will just connect next time. Is there going to be a PC app at any point?

Hi Kevin. We’re not likely to invest in the development of another workout player as a PC / MacOS app anytime soon, unfortunately but it is something we continue to look at. You will more likely see a greater number of different views and perspectives of the data available on the Remote Player as well as other improvements to the Android and iOS apps. Note that some users are simply installing Android on a PC and using that to run our app. With the affordability of compatible Android phones, even that is likely unnecessary.