Garmin CIQ Data fields reporting values too low

Yesterday, at the end of a ~4.2 hour outdoor free ride the reported XSS in the CIQ data field was 186. Post ride analysis by Xert of the power data file yielded an XSS of 282, an increase of a bit more than 50% (and a much more realistic value based on perceived effort). The Fat and Carbs in the CIQ fields were also low by about the same amount, Carbs went from 115 gm --> 176 gm.

No breakthrough and only small changes in signature so wouldn’t expect that large a disparity.

Garmin 820 version 12.50 and up to date CIQ data fields. Signature was updated at the beginning of the ride.

I’ve noticed this discrepancy during the last couple of weeks but don’t remember it being so noticeable in the past.

Anyone with similar observations?

Do you mean ever since the 12.50 firmware update was released? :slight_smile:
Can’t hurt to remove the Connect IQ fields and reinstall.

Sigh… worth a try. I don’t recall needing to reload the CIQ fields after previous firmware updates.