Garmin and Strava upload giving different results

My latest ride updated automatically through Garmin and my ftp dropped from 253 to 251 with little change in PP and HIE. I deleted and loaded the same ride from Strava (which auto syncs from Garmin) and FTP dropped to 245 with corresponding drops in PP and HIE. This made sense as the ride became slow with little strain after being hit halfway with heavy rain. Strava also correctly showed my power and MPA close on a climb at the start of the ride when I was near exhaustion. The Garmin upload did not show this. Is this an issue we need to look out for?

Please email support your FIT file. What happens when you remove the Garmin file and resync your Strava?

That’s exactly what I did Armando - I deleted the initial entry which was loaded automatically from the Garmin Connect sync as the ride profile seemed incorrect. Then and reloaded from the listing on the Connect with Strava page which analysed the ride correctly.

Out of interest I have just now deleted the Strava entry and manually loaded the fit file from the Garmin 520. It gives an identical result to the Strava upload however I am puzzled because the manual upload still shows the new name I gave it so that must be cached somewhere in Xert? I have sent you the fit file.