Garmin 530 + ConnectIQ Xert Player + Roku + Xert Remote Player

This isn’t a cry for help, just a FYI. I blame Garmin for this and it is what it is. I use a Garmin 530 with the Xert ConnectIQ app for workouts almost daily. Most days I watch TV using a Roku while I ride with a separate computer monitor running Zwift and the Xert Remote Player. Roku has a feature called “Private Listening” that will stream the audio to a cell phone. The cell phone the Roku streams to (a OnePlus 6T) also happens to be the phone that the Garmin 530 connects to for Xert. I discovered that when the ConnectIQ app is uploading telemetry data that is downloaded by the Xert Remote Player and I enable Private Listening in the Roku app the telemetry data to the Remote Player stops. At first I thought it was a processor contention issue but after monitoring the situation over a few rides I have learned that it definitely isn’t that. The OnePlus isn’t rooted so I can’t really pull detailed data. Like I said, it is what it is. I’d prefer if the 530 would jus t upload active telemetry over the wifi link (instead of proxying the data through the phone) but I get why they did it.

Yeah. I agree that sending the data over wifi would have solved so many issues with app connectivity. We get a lot of support requests about issues related to app connectivity with the Garmin.