Garmin 520 + Kickr Bike + Xert - no trainer control?

Hi all,

BAck on Xert after an extended break. Setting things back up, and failing miserably - so asking for some help.

I have a Wahoo Kickr Bike, Garmin 520, Garmin Forerunner 245 watch, Android phone, and Windows laptop. I would like to be able to hop on the trainer, start the Xert CIQ app, have it grab the (selected online) workout, and run the workout in erg mode.

At the moment, I can do everything except erg mode i.e. I can run the workout, but the Garmin is not controlling the trainer. Is this expected, and I can’t do what I would like to? Or have I screwed up something in setup?

I followed the CIQ setup guide to the letter; do I need to connect to the Kickr via BT or ANT+ to have erg mode work?

Can anyone help me out here?

If you’re willing to try something different it might be easier and more robust to use the Xert EBC Android app to run the trainings with ERG mode on the trainer and if you like record with one of your Garmins (I use my watch for that) in parallel. I save the Garmin recording and dismiss the Xert recording to get the Garmin training feedback stuff but that’s a matter of taste, you lose the workout name and target power data that way. You could save both and not sync or sync and delete duplicates.
It should be possible to do what you’re trying as well, the Garmin Connect IQ stuff is just a bit temperamental due to low resources on the devices and conflicts of the software and hardware and versions and whatever. I started out using my Edge to run the workouts but switched over to Android EBC on my phone because it’s nicer looking and handling and more robust. I recently switched again to an old Fire tablet that I had lying around for a bit more screen space. I believe Xert EBC on Android runs pretty smoothly for most people.

Cheers, will look into it. I’ve got an ANT+ only chest HRM - presumably if I want to get HR data into EBC I’ll need to either get an ANT+ dongle for Android, or an HRM with BT?

Both should work. Or you just use one of the Garmins to show the heart rate. If you decide to use a Garmin to record and sync that recording to Xert than Xert does not need the HR data on EBC that would get discarded anyway. Xert does to my knowledge not use heart rate data during a workout, only afterward on the server to correlate heart rate, cadence and power data to use that to estimate power and XSS if you have HR derived XSS enabled and do a workout without power data, on a bike without power meter or power meter battery empty or whatever reason, none bike activities kinda sorta work too depending on the activity.
But getting the HR into the Android could be convenient to have power and heart rate on the same display or of course if you decide to keep the Xert recording.

…or maybe ask Xert support to help you get your 520 to control your Kickr Bike. Or someone here uses the combination and has an answer.

Are you pairing sensors under Garmin settings only?
What’s New in the Xert Workout Player for Garmin Version 2.0 – Xert (