Future goals and fitness estimates

Hi all,

I’m currently in my off season and was playing around with the goals / target event dates in Xert to see when I should start training for my next (yet to be determined) goal. I noticed that the further away the goal is, the higher the estimated TP is. There doesn’t seem to be a maximum of what can be achieved by using Xert, so probably too good to be true…

Anyone else noticed this? Is it a bug in Xert or in my profile? Or do I really have pro cyclist potential? :slightly_smiling_face:

If not, do you use goals in Xert to ‘predict’ fitness and to determine when to start training for a certain goal?

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Yes I noticed that future predicted TP (based on forecast TL) seems only good for TL ranges its seen before.

It seems I could also be a top pro by doing 3x my current training hours…

But In truth I can’t know for sure until I try 30h/w of training…so world tour, here I come…although I suspect the linear TP vs TL relationship plateaus quickly as hours increase!

Yeah. Problem with the current model is that it doesn’t have a ceiling in terms of training time and maximum of training load your body can take. For the last I use the Garmin Recovery Time feature on my Fenix watch to adjust Freshness Feedback in Xert. Works pretty well.

Correct. Extrapolating a bit might be safe, but yes… saying I can compete in the pro peloton if only I can train 60 hrs/week sounds a bit crazy :wink:

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