Future enhancement request

As a taper week begins prior to a target event date, it would be great if the improvement rate would automatically change to “taper” from whatever is currently selected. I assumed the recommendations in the training advisor reflected a taper improvement rate, but that was not the case, so I changed it manually. It would be great if it did so automatically!

Hi Sean, thanks for you comment. We’l look into generating a reminder/alert of some sort. Cheers!

Hi Sean. There is a little triangle indicator on the Adaptive Training Advisor that will let you know that your Improvement Rate should be lowered during your Taper week.

Armando - are you referring to the blue triangle on the needle gauge? Or some other indicator?

If you’re in your Taper Week and Improvement Rate > Slow, you’ll see a warning triangle beside your Program Phase. Mouse over and and it should provide an indication of what to do.

Thanks! Having it automatically shift to taper would be a great enhancement! In the meantime, I now know to switch it.

I personally would not recommend an automatic switch since tapering is not necessarily only one week long. Depending on you life schedule, it could be longer or shorter and one of the strong points of XERT is flexibility. For a precise tapering you can plan workouts in the planer in a structure that leads to a green stars status on the target event. By this means you would be fit and fresh for the competition.

You could have it as an option when selecting your Goal. Do you want a Taper Period if yes how many weeks?

I agree. Ideally, it would base the length of time needed off of current fatigue.