FTP too high

I think Xert may calculate my FTP as being too high. I had a breakthrough on a ride on the 18th May. However the breakthrough occured on a steep climb where I was riding out of the saddle most of the time. This is not how I ride most of the time (I tend to do time trials or courses with less steep hills which I ride in the saddle). Is there any way I can get Xert to ignore the data from that ride for the purpose of my FTP? many thanks.

Hi Keir,

If you think a breakthrough exaggerates your fitness signature (up a steep climb is a common one), use the ‘flag’ feature on that ride. It will tell Xert to ignore the breakthrough. Hope that helps!

I’m in a similar position and where I live there are a lot of short steep climbs which I believe results in my FTP being too high. If the option is to flag the ride then that would mean a lot of my rides would get flagged!

I started to use xert with swift and a smart trainer. By my second race I recorded the power from my pedals to my garmin. I noticed that my smart trainer was recording 20w higher in comparison. Which resulted in breakthroughs. Although at this stage the training needle was close to detraining. When I flagged the two races my fitness signature reset and TL stayed the same. My training needle went from detraining to ahead of plan does this sound right?