FTP setting zwift

am I correct to downgrade my ftp on zwift in-line with Xert ftp number?
Zwift/sufferfest 270watts but xert is 253watts

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Well, where does the ftp in Zwift come from? Did you do a 20m ftp test there or was it calculated from a race/ride?

Worked out after I posted xert uses a 95% method, I test in sufferfest 4dp last test just other week in 20min section was 270(269TP) zwift pre Xmas I did 275 but in a race. Found some xert workouts ok but others ftp setting to high on zwift for xert

Xert should give you about the same as the Sufferfest. Doing the 20’ fatigued is difficult but the ‘issue’ with Xert is there was likely enough ‘recovery’ after the 5’ max to get your MPA back up. It should have at least given you a breakthrough and a knowledge of your 20’ power.

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