FTP on trainer lower than outside on the road?

Hi there!

This is my first post here, so hallo everybody, and thanx to all you people for this great community, but most of all - great thanx for this application to authors!

I have one issue that is bothering me. As I know - on the trainer I have to deduct 25-30 watts from my outside FTP to plan workouts. Is there such a functionality in XERT planned - to be be able to inform the algorithm, or maybe - it is implemented already - that the application takes it into account?

Hi Lukasz and welcome!

Deducting watts when on the indoor trainer could also be from reduced fitness in the off-season and not because of the trainer directly. Losing 30W from detraining is normal. Also, if you still do a lot of outdoor riding in the cold, you may not be as heat acclimated as needed. If you find you’re not sweating heavily at FTP, you’re likely not heat acclimated and this is increasing your sense of fatigue. Take a week of riding indoors with moderate fan usage to increase your heat tolerance. You may find that your ability to sustain wattages near FTP improve as your sweat response improves.

If all these still don’t apply, the you can adjust your FTP using the Advanced tab on the My Fitness page or use the Signature Calculator to make adjustments as needed. Today, there is only one fitness signature that is used at any given time.


There is also, beside the heating aspect, rocking the bike side-to-side while you’re riding outside helps generate more power ( recruiting all the Gluteus Maximus Muscles not partial) hence I only use rollers for training indoor with 2 big fans and FTP indoor matches the outdoor… As for my Computrainer, I replaced the 4 plastic stand feets with rubber shock feets and it work like the Kinetic Rock N’Roll Trainer( rocking the bike and save the bike farm form cracking/ stress fracture - especially Carbon Fiber) . BUT myself, I have 2 FTP for outdoors riding, one for the flat road and other for climbing! its sound crazy but believe me a 20min ALL OUT on flat section is different from a 20min ALL OUT on climb. Cheers.

I can typically produce the same power on a trainer that I can do on a climb and more than I can do on the flat. My tips:

  1. Stay cool. Get an industrial fan and run it at a solid pace. Make sure you are bare chested
  2. Put the trainer in a big gear. The faster the flywheel spins the more momentum it has and the more road like the feel
  3. You need time to adjust to a trainer. If you ride it once or twice a week you should be fine but if you only ride once a month or less you won’t be able to produce as much power.

Yes, that’s what I meant! a 20min, ALL-OUT avg watt on a Climb is higher than the 20min on a Flat. sorry, i thought i was clear. Industrial Fans is a key.